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Paula A Wells

Dependable and Concise Legal Business Services in Greensboro, NC

The business world is an exciting and dynamic field. There are many opportunities to be seized and developed by the shrewd entrepreneur. An effective way to grasp and make the most of those situations is to seek out the support of a trusted and experienced advisor who knows how to emphasize the positive elements while minimizing risks. The legal business services in Greensboro, NC, offered by The Law Firm of Paula A. Wells, PLLC, will prove a pivotal part of your enterprise and its potential.

Starting the Right Way

When you look around each day, the number of businesses you see in development or the very early stages of operation are truly impressive. If you look at, or for, those same businesses in a year or two you will be surprised at the number that have failed. Some of that is due to poor planning or making the wrong moves from day one.

If you wish to become an entrepreneur you need to hire a startup lawyer to get you off on the right foot. Let Paula Wells help you avoid the mistakes that are common to many individuals beginning a new firm. She draws upon more than 25 years of providing legal services and support to a range of businesses and industries and will bring all her skills to bear to help you.

Helping with the Paperwork

As a former business owner herself, Paula knows what it takes to be successful and realizes certain areas need special attention. Paperwork is a prime example.

When you are dealing with other entities or individuals, such as partners, vendors, or suppliers, for example, it’s best to protect yourself by having all the necessary forms in place. She will work with you to draft the documents you need. 

Paula’s focus on the applicable paperwork applies to limited liability companies as well. They rely upon operating agreements to outline the relevant functional and financial groundwork for the business. Let her direct you through this stage to arrive at a solution that makes the most sense for your company.

Contact Paula Wells for an appointment to further discuss the business legal services she provides. She proudly serves clients in Greensboro, NC, and the surrounding area.